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Welcome To My Home Page
Hi! My name is Katie and Im from England, like Orlando! Im a regular visitor to an Orli site, which is in the "fave links" section, and i came up with the idea of making my own site! Its easy to find your way around here because what you see is what you get!!! So, enjoy yourself and drool as much as you want!!

Before I forget, my elven name is Astaldodaewen Greenleaf, so if you see it around on the site, you'll know its me and not bad spelling!!!

Site Updates
I'm going to list all of my site updates right here, on the first page so that everyone can see them!

Dec. 22nd 2002-Created site and completed home page.

I've changed my mind about the updates being on this page! I you go to the "what's new page" you'll find them all there!
Caption for picture
Yummy!!!Hes so hot, he makes fire look cool! :P

Feel free to write on my corkboard! :)

My Corkboard

Caption for picture
OK, I'm sure every girl in Britain went out and bought this particular issue of Sugar!! Who wouldn't with a man like this inside?!

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Well, this is the fist page of the site, are you enjoying it so far?